help 911 angel with wound

peatpod(Z5b Ontario)April 3, 2005

I purchased two angels about a month ago .. all went well when I introduced them to the other to mature angels that I had. There was a bit of bullying on the little guys parts but over all they all get along .. several weeks ago my Angel had what looked like "pimples" I treated the tank with Pimafix and it appeared to go away .. I put the carbon back in and did a water change .. now .. two days later this is what my angel looks like after another "pimple" showed up

What the heck is it??? I am now treating the tank with Melafix .. HELP I think he will more than likely die but what about the rest of the fish.

Any Help would be appreciated.


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Minaku(z6 Pittsburgh)

I'm no expert with angelfish, but I can tell you Melafix will not do anything except heal fins. Is there any way to get a clearer picture? At this point I can't tell anything - fungus, columnaris, don't know.

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james_ny(z7 NY)

Could it be a bite mark? My angels used to bite each others eyes.

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peatpod(Z5b Ontario)

I spoke with some people on the aquaden forum and they feel it is hole in the head .. too late however as he passed away this morning. Thank you for your advise.

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I'm sorry about your angel!!

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