uninformed_kittyApril 15, 2006

I was checking out my dad's saltwater tank and found that the one little worm-thing I found around Christmas has turned into many, which I think are bearded fireworms (hermodice carunculata). I'm really not sure though. The largest ones I've seen are about an inch long. I've read that some worms are bad and some are good. I figure these little guys aren't any harm at the moment, but I'm a little worried they could kill an anemone or fish once they get larger. Not to mention that I also read that they can have some of their spines floating around in the water that can stick in you or a fish even if you don't bother them.

Here's a I took of two of them. My camera isn't very good at taking pictures of very small things. The pink part of the larger one is about the same color that they actually are, and the dark parts on them are organs and/or food inside them. They're clearish, like baby earthworms. The white leg-things are furry, not solid, which is why I figure they're bearded fireworms.

But I've only been able to match up pictures I find on the internet, and it seems they come in a variety of colors. I haven't found enough information to really know if they're a threat or not.

There are hermit crabs, snails, various anemone-things, two fish, copepods (if that's what they're called), and two (at least, it had babies) starfish. There's no living coral, but there used to be featherdusters popping up everywhere. Could they be to blame for the featherduster's sudden disappearance? Do you think they would harm anything in the tank? Should we kill them or leave them alone? Are they really bearded fireworms?

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woeisme(z7b NC)

Try the link below, join and post there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Reef Central

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Thanks. I just can't find any decent info on Google, so hopefully someone there can tell me.

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You've got a brissle worm. Don't touch it, they sting, and it hurts!! Get a 6 line wrasse or something that eats them. They are a problem and you should get rid of them.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Thats just a plain jane bristle worm, unless you have Tridacna clams I wouldn't even bother getting a wrasse, they are beneficial detritus eaters, just be careful when working in the tank, getting stung sucks.

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Thanks, that's what the people at the other forum said, too. As I understand it, my dad's tank takes care of itself, so getting stung isn't likely.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Even i9n a tank that takes care of itself coral frags can't right themselves (well most species can't) and rockslides happen, risky stuff at times.

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Yeah, I'll warn him to be careful should he need to get in it for something. Not sure he'll really be that careful though... He went swimming with his lionfish once. I can't remember why he needed in the tank... He's just crazy anyway, always has been. Makes me afraid to have a son. ^^;

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Not much a Lionfish can do to you, they have no teath to speak of so if you are bigger than they are you are okay, and the sting is like a bee sting that Hot water will cure (the Venom denatures at 110 F) Scorpionfish however pack a bit more of a punch, one that can kill you.

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That doesn't sound pleasant anyway. I certainly wouldn't go in the water with one.

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