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mbjosNovember 7, 2007

Hi, Just transplanted babies from mother leaf. Transplanted into 3oz. solo cups and put into plastic baggies for humidity.

How long do you keep them in baggies? Some are quite small.

Also, this question is for Korina. Have two micro minis and have them in ceramic self watering pots.(I believe there 1 1/2 in. pots). Is this O.K.?


Mary Beth

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Hi Mary Beth,
I would keep them in a baaggie (closed) for a couple weeks and then open the bag to let them get used to the surroundings for another week.
Fred in NJ

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I remember seeing a post somewhere from you with a picture of your plant stand(s) - or at least I think it was yours. On it you had baggies hanging off the ends of each shelf. Were these leaves you were trying to root?


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