Beta Problems Please Help!

neomercuriaApril 5, 2006

I've had my Beta for a few months and he was perfectly fine. But now he refuses to eat anything. I took my beta home, and placed him in a 1/2 gal tank, about a week ago and my room was likely too cold. So the beta stopped eating. When I came back to my apartment 4 days later I moved my beta to his original 2.5 gal. tank. I added aquarium salt, and proquatics water conditioner. But Mr. Beta does nothing but look at the food, attack it sometimes, yet always spitting the food back out. He acts like he's really hungry but won't eat! I thought there was something wrong with him, yet I have no clue what. He hasn't lost his color, and moves about. There's nothing wrong with his fins either. Today I added Betafix to the tank and he seems to move less, acting tired. I also turned on the l5 watt lamp on his tank. I've only ever fed him Hikari gold pellets and used drinking/spring water. It's been 8 days now and my beta still refuses to eat. What is wrong with him? Someone please help.

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woeisme(z7b NC)

Just may be stress from moving. Maybe just use the salt or the "betta-fix". I think that betta fix has salt in it along with tea tree oil. Heat will help, but a more consistant temperature would be best via thermometer and quality aquarium heater. Light bulbs don't know when there is too much or not enough heat. Constant temperature fluctuations is also a stressor. When fish stress they start to loose their protective slime coat. The salt will help with that. When ish are stressed and start to loose their slime coat they are susceptible to disease/parasites. When you transfered him did you also use spring water?

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Yes, I did use spring water and the same brand too. I decided to turn off the light as it doesn't seem to be doing anything, and I can't get a larger aquarium to add a heater. He's still not eating sadly and I'm very worried. I'm going to try some freeze dried bloodworms/brime shrimp once they arrive. Oh dear...

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woeisme(z7b NC)

A 25 watt heater would be fine. They are rated UP to 5 gallons. Most 2.5 gallon tanks can handle its size, usually 2.5G is 11" x 5" x 11", a small 25W heater is usually 6"-8.5" , If you have a standard glass rectangle aquarium, you can use a less expensive hang on the side type, if it is an acrylic with a fitted hood-light-and/or filter combo combo you may have to get the fully submersible kind, setting you back another $10. If the LFS do not carry them, they are available on-line, I believe PetSmart also sells them in store for about $16-20. More then likely the betta is having trouble from the stress of the move, just like humans age has a roll also. The heater would be a wise investment either way. When he recovers this will aid in prolonging its life, if the worse happens the next fish will have an edge up.

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Do you have a test kit? If so, what are the readings for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate? The first to should be at 0. If they aren't, it is the reason your betta is not eating, and he's probably feeling ill too. Gradually start switching him over to dechlorinated tap water. Bottled water is not good for bettas or any fish long term because it does not have the minerals they need. If used long term, it could thin out the fins and shorten the life span. Don't worry if you have a really high pH, bettas are very adaptable if you transition them slowly.

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what have you been feeding him? i tried feeding my first betta flakes, and he wouldn't touch them. he really likes freeze-dried bloodworms, though. they are pretty picky. hope the bloodworms or brine shrimp work! ( i suggest the bloodworms because that's what they eat in the wild)

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