Planted tank 6 weeks old

Propaganda Garden DesignMay 11, 2005

I tried my hand at a high light co2 fish tank for the first time and I am thrilled with the results.

Here are two pics of the tank.

The first pic was tanken March 31 of this year. The second one was taken yesterday!

As you can see the plants already need pruning. I am loving this tank. The plants are doing great and I love my litte fish and shrimp. My black phantom tetras were even laying eggs yesterday.

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Kosplath(z7 TX)

Wow, what a wonderfully designed tank! Your fish must be wondering what they did to deserve such a great home!

Are the black phantom tetras a community fish?

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Very nice!!! What size of tank is that?

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Propaganda Garden Design

Yes Black Phantom tetras are community fish. They are very feisty with each other but are gorgeous with their litte mock battles and skirmishes. The males have these great big sail fins and get really dark in color and threaten each other and spread their fins really high.

The females do as well.

As long as you have several of them in your tank they focus on each other and don't bother other fish at all. They are the largest fish in my tank and they don't bother anyone else at all.

It is a 20 gallon extra-high. Small footprint for a planted tank so it is not easy to design with the plants but I like the dramatic height of the tank.

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Ayame(z8 TX)

I am inspired by your tank! Thanks so much for sharing. I just ordered a bunch of aquarium plants the other day and I'm excited to plant them.

Your tank is totally beautiful. :)

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jeffa(z6se ma)

what is a good site for ordering plants online for aquariams thanks

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