Tiger Barbs (lifespan)

Jane_of_The_GableMay 25, 2005

Anyone know what the average lifespan of a tiger barb is? I have had mine for about a year (originally I had 10 but 4 died, then acquired another 5) and the tank now seems quite healthy. I do not keep any other fish but prefer to keep them as a single species tank (20 gal) to prevent problems with other fish. None of the books I have read are any help.

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I have had Tiger Barbs live for 3 years in my tanks.

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Thanks for that info. Was this a community tank? If so, what other fish did you keep them with and were they good companions?

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woeisme(z7b NC)

The lifespan ? I can not answer but other semi-aggresive fish would be a possibility. Red tail or Rainbow sharks I think might be an option. Rosy barbs are very beautfully colored. The only problem is an adult tiger barb can grow to 3" and that will be a tight fit for very active fish in a 20 gal. You will have to trade them out when they become that size. Or get a bigger size tank. I have seen and heard of them being kept with African Cichlids but IMO I wouldn't because of the desired pH difference.

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I have a 30 gallons tank and currenly filled with 10 Tiger Barbs, 6 Platies, 2 Dwarf Gouramis, and 2 Striped Raphael catfishes. They all are happily swimming together.

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i have a tiger barbs in my tank and one of them got a red spot that looked like a zit on its head that kept his mouth from closing...its going down now...but can anyone tell me what could have caused that?

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