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tominoNovember 10, 2009


I'd like to know the descriptions of the following violets ;

1. Ballet Dolly (A. Fischer)

2. El Dorado (2097) 09/30/1970 (V.Constantinov)

3. Like Wow (Lyndon Lyon)

4. Skagit Masterpiece (4780) 03/13/1982 (W. Lindstrom)

Thank you in advance !


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Skagit Masterpiece (4780) 03/13/1982 (W. Lindstrom) Double white/violet frilled edge. Plain, quilted. Standard

Like Wow (2329) 08/19/1972 (L. Lyon) Single-semidouble royal purple star/some white edge. Plain. Standard

El Dorado (2097) 09/30/1970 (V. Constantinov) Single light lavender/green edge. Holly. Large

Ballet Dolly (3257) 12/07/1977 (A. Fischer) Purple two-tone/white center. Quilted. Standard

I didn't check for photos on the AVSA website, but FC2 has pictures of Skagit Masterpiece and El Dorado. They are drop dead gorgeous!!

Is Skagit Masterpiece still around?


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Dear Barbara,

thank you very much !
As you know, unfortunately some hybrids (especially among vintages) change their colors or types of leaves as time goes by. For example, "Fire Bird" loses its frills, and glossy, wavy dark green leaves of "Delft Imperial" transform into flat and light green.... my "Skagit Masterpiece" has already lost white and become all violet (alas !). As far as I know, the changed ones never revert to original type anymore, even through the propagation from leaves. When I can find some nursery which still has the original one, I'll let you know !
Anyway, it's good to imagine how each hybridizer created each violet with love and inspiration, and the authentic description must be indispensable for it. Thank you again, Barbara !


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The hybridizer of the Skagit (pronounced ska'-jit) series was a fellow named Wayne Lindstrom, who lived in Skagit county in northwest Washington state. I had the good fortune to meet him in the 80's. Unfortunately there are not a lot of his hybrids around any more, compared to the number listed on FC2. I've often wondered if some of the older growers from the Seattle club have kept any of those plants going.

Also, the AVSA photo section does have a Like Wow shown.


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It's very interesting to know the history of each hybrid. It brings me all the closer to it. Thank you!
I got a small plant of "Like Wow" from a late friend of mine. She said it wasn't an original but a kind of a sport (white / variable light blue mottling, according to her). It's still small and grows very slowly. I'm looking forward to seeing how it blooms. I'll upload the photo of its first blooming here someday !


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We will look forward to seeing your photos.

Good growing.


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summer_fashion(z5 IN)

Does anyone out there still have Delft Imperial? Would it be possible for me to buy some Delft Imperial leaves? Thank you. Margaret

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