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Berniesmom13May 21, 2013

Hello and Happy Spring to you all... I am writing because over 4 years ago, my daughter bought and gave me a male beta who's color's were so vibrant and beautiful.(purple/blue/red). I fed him daily, cleaned his tank (which I bought for him special)weekly & talked to him every chance. He is like my bud ((Some people will read this & Be like ???)) He is in my office at work, the co-workers really enjoyed having him around they'd come in and bend over to say hello, he would always swim up to say hello... It's been over 4 years and up until last week I'd say, he was absolutely fine.. however i noticed his colors becoming a little less vibrant, and his activity level decreased.. This am, i came into to the office and he was laying low on the floor of his "office" tank and breathing, but not active, I attempted to coax him to the top w/ breakfast, which failed.. Now I've sent an office wide e-mail out for everyone to come say goodbye... we lite candles and have a eulogy ongoing. My Bud after OVER 4 YEARS, has succumb to age i suppose.. He's dying as I type this Memorial... BUT I AM FORTUNATE To have had him this long.. He was an awesome friendly/beautiful fish! This I wrote to let you know, they do live past 1-2 years if given the proper care & attention... Today is a sad day for us all...

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they can live up to 7 year's of age sounds like his bladder.Sorry for your lost.

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sorry for your loss i have a filter and some decor with gravel in a ten gallon glass tank with one male betta named ruby i feed him a few pellets everyday and talk to him at feeding time. have a heater but not using it as it is summer. change and clean the tank every other week. should i be using the heater even in the summer time. it is an automatic shut off heater for a ten gallon tank and the filter has a very gentle current to almost no current. the decor is plants one plastic and one silk one pinapple house with holes for hiding and one wooden stump with silk plants and holes for hiding plus some free swimming space also. i just wondered if i am doing everything correctly so as to take good care of my betta. i condition the water and test it often as well. also my snail died a few months ago and i was wondering if maybe i should get another one or some cory cats to put in the tank with ruby so he won't be lonely. or should i leave him alone. here is a pic it is not a very good one i will try to upload a better one tomorrow. my hood light took a crap so now i have to get another bulb. i used a lamp from my bedroom to take this one. the funny stuff is the reflections from the stuff on the computer cam and the white line is a water streak down the outside of the glass i must have not wiped it or something when i cleaned the tank a few days ago. i just wondered if this was an ideal tank setup for ruby any extra tips and advice would be appreciated. i am going to get a gravel vac asap to take the water out before i carry it to the kitchen sink to rinse it out, then i put the decor back and fix it all like i want it sometimes i try to rearrange it differently so my betta wont get bored. then i use a gallon jug to fill it up again. he is sitting on a desk next a window in the living room he is in front of the wall next to it not in front of it.

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here is the pic i forgot to add it before i posted earlier

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here it is i don't know what is going on.

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