Light Quandry?

love2weed(Zn6)November 11, 2012

This is pic of my breakfast nook that is in the sw corner of our house. There are window on three sides. Would I be able to grow AV's on the bookcase in the corner? The breakfast is immersed in sun during the morning, but the bookcase only gets short periods of direct sun. I'm confused on how this whole light thing works. Do the AV's need to be in direct sun from the window. This may seem like a dumb question--if a room is very bright--does this count as sunlight--even though it's not direct sun. The light is so bright in this room that it has faded my hardwood floors. It's almost like a little sunroom.

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Actually it's the southeast corner of the house.

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I allow my violets to get direct sunlight. I have never had a problem with this ... but I don't have a South window.

Just light in the room isn't going to cut it.

You could put a fluorescent CFL bulb in the lamp on the bookcase to supplement the light the plant(s) receive and run it about 10-12 hours a day.

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I do have a CFL bulb in the lamp. Will it be close enough?

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nyxx(z7 Virginia)

You could always try one plant there just to see how it goes. As Aegis said you will probably need supplemental lighting. But as I doubt you want to grow show plants there buy one from one of your local stores and give it a go. A long as you repot it into a light soil mix and keep it moist it shouldn't die there just not quite bloom the way you want. And keep in mind during the fall and winter you won't get quite the light there as spring and summer sun would provide. Just remember to rotate it. What's the worst that could happen? =o)

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I was going to order some from Lyndon Lyon, but after a little thought, I went to Lowe's today and bought some NOIDS that were on clearance for a buck. Have no idea what color they will be. I bought three. I actually had some desk lamps that were not being used. I put some CFL in them, so I'll see what happens. Less than 10 bucks invested, so no big loss. My newest plant obsession started with a Thanksgiving cactus that I bought last year on clearance. That thing is in full bloom right now. After visiting GW, it seems that AV are not as difficult as I always thought. Can't wait to see if I can actually get these things to bloom. So rewarding when it happens.

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nyxx(z7 Virginia)

That's the spirit! Never assume something won't work till it doesn't, it's how we learn.

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Try one in that spot. I have a strong feeling it won't bloom well if at all there. A 6000K lamp over it may help it bloom though.

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sorceress99(Tennessee 6)

I think that you should try to grow the plant where you want it and see how it does before going to any expense first. AVs are quite tolerant of various environmental conditions. If the light is the room is bright indirect light (recommended), your plant(s) should do well. AVs do well in average light level, while direct light will stunt or burn them. The plants you buy at the box stores are usually Optimara's that have been hybidizes to grow well for the average home grower, sturdy and easy to grow. I recommend starting with them first before you invest in the more specialized hybrids which can have strictter enviromental needs to grow successfully.
Happy Growing!

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