Heat mat for starting leaves?

cork_oh(5OH)November 17, 2011

Has anyone used a heat mat to start AV leaves?

How does it work? Do they start faster?



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pembroke(6--Louisville KY)

You won't believe this. I just started one and thought about useing a regular heating pad. I have my leaf in a small pot and in a gallon freezer bag(mini greenhouse) sitting on the heating pad with pad on lowest setting. So far keeps it warm. Can't say how long it takes as I started this on 11-11-11. I'm keeping track to see how long it takes and may use it again. Pembroke

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pembroke(6--Louisville KY)

Wellllll !!!! NO I won't use heating pad again with freezer bag. Leaf rotted. My guess, too warm even on low. Not enough air flow. Pembroke

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