Winter Care of AV Collection

nwgatreasures(7)November 1, 2008

With the weather changing here where I live, I want to be proactive with my collection of AVs and their care during the winter months. I have grown from 10 plants in May to over 120 currently.

Some of my plants are experiencing some growing pains and I think its because of lack of humidity. One baby was looking kind of desperate and I put him back inside of a plastic bag (even though he had been out for weeks and seemed to be thriving) and within 48 hours, he was bright and vibrant. What else could it have been except for the humidity level? plant stand has the green trays that situate on each shelf. Other than filling these trays every few days with water, what other ways might I increase the humidity level of the area around my AVs? I am beginning to grow for a sale in the spring, I want to make sure that we survive the winter with my collection still intact and thriving.

Any suggestions?

If I used a humidifier (which I don't even know if its suggested), how would that work?

Is there anything that I'm missing here or need to pay attention to during these next 12-15 weeks?



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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

To increase humidity, I just close my door to the plant room, especially after watering and the humidity goes up to 50-60%. I have a temperature/humidity gadget purchased for $20.

You can hang wet towels in the room.

You could put a light plastic over the entire light stand.

Good luck with your sale plans.


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Last winter we used humidifiers to raise the level in the entire house. Plants loved it, the wood furniture loved it, and it was more comfortable for us humans too.

We put one in the kitchen ell and one at each end of the large living room. All these rooms have AVs in them. We used one upstairs, since we get some humidity from morning showers.

PITA to refill, but it only happens once a day.


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I can't wait until we complete the remodeling project in 2 years - I will have a plant room.
For now - it's a space over in front of the kitchen window where the plant stand will fit.

I'll look into the humidifiers. Is this preferable to filling those trays with water every so often?


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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

I have a plant room with 6 stands. I water all my plants, many on wick containers and some in trays. If I close the door I can get excellent humidity.

Because on watering day I tend to get frosty windows, I have to turn on extra fans, exaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom. Someone said excess moisture on the windows was not good for the house so these exaust fans take care of that.

If you can manage it, just keep your sinks with two or three inches of water when not in use. This should raise the humidity.


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yes, we want to help keep dora's plants happy with humidity, cause she has good ones,plants that is. i have a humidifier right in front of my plant stand, they get plenty of humidity, even tho its ib a large kitchen. later. molly

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