They keep having Fry!!

wiley_gardenerMay 29, 2007

Our daughter came home from camp last summer with two guppies. They had 8 Fry and the two adults died during the winter. The 8 Fry have propogated greatly. We have a 5 gallon tank and love the fish but they keep having Fry. We probably have 30 fish now. Will they just keep propogating. I am not sure if our daughter can handle more than a 5 gallon tank. It has been great for her. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance

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A thought. Get rid of all but a half dozen of the best looking males. They are the colorful ones anyway.

30 Gups in a 5 is a mass die off just waiting to happen and that would upset a child far more than explaining why she needs to find most of them a good home.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

The above is certainly good advice. A larger tank and they will breed even faster lol
With this plan you will get to see if they actually can change sex.Have heard that but never witnessed it. gary

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