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quimoiNovember 2, 2010

Is anyone familiar with this variety? I bought a small plant and it has now bloomed (with a tissue over its head because of my lighting issues).

The tissue's off and I wondered why I wanted it. Well the FC2 photos show the color toward the blue-violet range and these blossoms are in the winey, smashed grape reddish range. I am not so fond of that color.

I shifted it around under the lights in case they were affecting it but it didn't seem to make a visual difference. It's under a cool white and looked the same under Verilux. I doubt that it would grow in a window (that changed Granger's Carnival but it didn't grow very well either).


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Diana -

I looked at the FC2 - and I know what you mean. It should be interesting because it is Sydney Sorano hybrid - and she produced some incredible beauties. But not all of them look as good in reality as they do on a pic. And yes - I agree with you - this one was not bred to grow on a windowsill.

Sell it, give it to the friend... Somebody will love it - and you will have a spot to try another variety.

I tried her "Painted Desert" - fell in love with a pic - and I do not know if I got a bleached clone - but I never had a good contrast between pink and red - it was kinda in between. So - I gave it away.


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The sad thing is that I have no one to give them to so I have to toss them.

Sydney Sorano surely did produce a great many interesting ones, didn't she? It looks like the photo except for the color so it's really a shame (all double and all that stuff).


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Diana -

I bet one of your neighbours would appreciate a plant. Even if they do not know how to care about it - it will bring some joy to somebody's life at least temporarily. . My dentist's assistant gets my overflow sometimes.

I toss only sick plants.

Good Luck


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paul_(z5 MI)

You could also check for a local african violet society near you and take the plant there. In doing so you might find someone willing to trade, or be able to auction it off (depending how that society does things), or donate it to the society for a society auction. For that matter, post it in the "Exchanges" section for this forum and see if someone wants to do a trade with you. :)

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The nearest neighbor is a good 1/2 mi. away and doesn't want an african violet. The closest AVSA chapter seems to be in State College which at least a 3 hr. round trip.

I know it's hard for many people to grasp how rural it is here. Since I am disabled and it involves my arms, hands, etc., exchanges aren't practical.

I do appreciate the ideas and wish there were more local interest but Pittsburgh doesn't even seem to have a AVSA chapter (over 2+ hrs away, 2nd largest city).

I haven't ditched it yet but I'm eyeing it and Blackberry Jam, which has been here a few years and has never quite performed to my satisfaction.

Diana in very, very rural PA

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pembroke(6--Louisville KY)

TOSS doesn't hurt so bad after the first couple times. I'm always looking and tossing. If it doesn't suit you find one that will. Pembroke

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