Trailing AV's

lovescrittersNovember 6, 2007

I have several trailing African Violets -- mini's and semi-mini's. Some of them need to be repotted. Does anyone know what size, shape ?? pot these require to give them the full room they need to produce the suckers that they grow to make the lushest display of these types of African Violets? Also, I have heard that they should be fed a light fertilizer every time they are watered. Is this true?

Thanks for any information.

Dar S

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Dar S -

You repot them every 6 months. The size of the pot should be appropriate for the size of the plant - 1/3 of the leaf span- eventually you can plant it in a shallow bulb pot of 5-6"wide . If you do not plan to show them - you can plant 3 of them in one pot - it will help to fill the pot faster. To promote branching you can pinch the top off - root it and plant in the pot with "momma" when repotting.

If you plan to show them - should be one plant only - with 3 crowns - so keep pinching and be patient.

Yes - the best way to use 1/4 teaspoon per gallon of water of urea free balanced fertilizer - DynaGrow, Specialty AV Peters, etc.

If you want to grow them in a Japanese way - you can make a "lawn" of them - find a big shallow tray - put several starters - and keep pinning the suckers to the soil so they will root too and fill the tray. Spectacular - but takes too mush space.


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I pot all my minis and semis in 3oz Solo bathroom cups. I disagree with Irina in putting more than one plant in a pot even if you don't plan to show them. Single crowned plants always look best when they have a nice rosette shape. The Japanese method that Irina spoke about uses one and only one plant. Pinning the crowns down to the soil mix will as she said root the runner and send up more suckers from the leaf axils.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Fred - you are a perfectionist! And you are right as usual.


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Hi, Fred

Is this the largest pot you put your minis and semi-minis in? That sure makes it easier!! I was told by someone that you need special pots -- I guess they just wanted some more of my money. Thanks a bunch for the advice to both you and Irina. I also have another problem -- it's with just one of my mini trailers which I just transplanted. It's a Rob's Hot Chocolate and it was blooming beautifully. I transplanted it about a week ago and the roots were very healthy looking. Now the outside bottom leaves are wilting although the soil is damp. Did I do something wrong? It seems to be fine on the inside of the rosette. Any info will be greatly appreciated. It's so beautiful -- I don't want to lose it. Thanks again. Dar S

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Are you sure Rob's Hot Chocolate is a trailer? I thought it was a single-crown semiminiature?

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Oh, and as for your question -- I'd make sure the soil isn't too wet (so that you are not risking root rot) and then cover the plant with a clear plastic dome, or put it into a ziplock bag, to increase humidity. Sometimes roots get damaged during repotting, and then the plant is not taking in water well, and then some of the leaves wilt. By increasing humidity, you reduce water loss through the leaves, and so you reduce wilting. Your plant should be fine soon.

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You are right, alenka -- Rob's Hot Chocolate is not a trailer but I was concerned about it's condition right after I repotted it. I will put a plastic bag over it as you suggest. I hope that does the trick. Thanks for the advice. Dar S

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