Help me pick 5!

love2weed(Zn6)November 10, 2012

AV bug has struck me. I want to order 5. I am ordering from Lyndon Lyon. No color preference, but would like easy and heavy bloomers. I want to place my order today. Any suggestions?

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Let's see ...

(1) Private Dancer - variegated foliage, dark blue-violet double blooms
(2) Pink Summit - standard foliage, bright single pink bloom with white edge
(3) Sparkleberry - bright red bloom, with white markings
(4) Cool Mint - variegated foliage, double white bloom
(5) Anastasia - standard foliage, single light blue-violet bloom

All vigorous growers and consistent bloomers.

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I also suggest Live Wire. Seems to be a pretty good bloomer, plus the blooms are huge si it only take a few to make the plant look all around ...bloomy. :-)

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Lyon's Plum Pudding has proved to be a reliable bloomer. It has surprisingly become one of my favorites - very hardy and very healthy.

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I have the Cool Mint now and I love it! Well, the leaves anyways. As a newbie (but I blame the weather) I can't seem to get the love to bloom. Then again I just got it a few days ago...

Anyways, I would go for any of the minis! So cute, so tiny! And always room for another 5? ^ ~*

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Empress ...

Regarding Cool Mint ... keep it healthy and give it plenty of light, ... and it will bloom for you.

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Have you settled on Standard varieties? I grow mostly mini and semi-miniatures - I'm fairly certain Lyndon Lyon carries:

Kentucky Gooseberries - Extremely easy and heavy blooming semi-miniature.

Precious Red - One of the best minis.

Plumberry Glow - Heavy bloomer, variegated foliage. Semi-miniature.

A few others that LLG doesn't carry:

Shirl's Hawaiian Lei - Exceptional mini.

Dolores' Royal Prince - Easy, heavy bloomer. Excellent symmetry. Miniature.

Rob's Fuddy Duddy - Symmetrical, dark foliage. Heavy, non-stop bloomer. Semi-miniature.


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