Purchasing AV's from eBay sellers

lovescrittersNovember 24, 2007

It seems that some of you purchase plants (violets) from sellers on eBay. Have you had any problems doing that? I have always thought that the shipping of these plants wouldn't be good for them. I'm sure some eBay sellers are better than others. Do any of you have favorite sellers that you have had good luck with?

Dar S

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violetta1976(8 Portland OR)

I bought a collection of leaves from poleadra79 and was very pleased - everything was packaged and labeled perfectly, and she even included leaves off of a few extra plants just for the heck of it. I'd definitely feel fine buying off of ebay again... but I do tend to look through reviews pretty thoroughly before deciding to buy.

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I refuse to purchase leaves or plants from ebay sellers simply because I am cheap and hate paying the outrageous postage the sellers charge. I much prefer purchasing leaves and plants at local shows. Fortunately for me there are 6 clubs that have shows and I generally am invited to judge a majority of them.
Fred in NJ

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

As far as postage goes, I don't think sellers are making much if any money from postage. I charge $8.50 now for the smallest of boxes.

That's $6.50 plus various charges we have to pay for gas for the postage van, which goes to the buyer. Outrageous, I know, but it's their charges, not mine. One year I had to pay about $2.00 extra postage for many clients. So I put my postal charges at a flat $8.50.

This price is for a box of as many as 20 mini/semi leaves OR 8-10 standard leaves depending on leaf sizes or about 3-5 plants depending on size.

Be sure to see the plant you will be getting when buying from ebay. One thing I hate is buying what I thought was a "starter plant". When it arrives, it is a baby plant with maybe 6 leaves all within the 2 1/2 inch pot, and some of those damaged.

A starter plant should have leaves extending over the edge of a 2 1/2 inch pot. A baby plant has all its leaves within the pot and the price should reflect that. I have lost many baby plants.

I'm a buyer as well as a seller. My best plants came from violets4you (great packing and large plants) and bloomlovers, who sells beautifully packaged "plugs," actually baby plants with no pot. These have always been in excellent condition.

I've also bought from Travisviolets and these arrive in perfect condition.

Montreal to California or Texas costs $11.50 for about 3 plants in a small box--not my charges, but those of the post office.

Nancy (Montreal)

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I bought many plants and leaves on e-bay in 2006, but nothing this year. Space problems, ya know! Aurikab does a great job of shipping, rarely a broken leaf. Most others did an okay job.

Since it is 500 miles to the closest vendor, postage is a real bargain to me here in Maine.


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Thanks!! I, too, have purchased some mini violets from eBay sellers. So far, I have had good luck with them. Thanks for the "heads up" on those baby and starter plants. I'll have to watch out for that. I thought all were starter plants, too. Have a good week, Dar S

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

PJ's Violets sells awesome plants. I've purchased(bid) multiple times and have always been pleased with what I got.

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