warning on dwarf puffers

batboyMay 29, 2005

If any one is thinking about geteing this exteamly cute dwarf puffer make sure your fish can go with it. I baught 2 duarf puffers and 1 duarf thrased my molly agenst the glass. I mean my molly is 15 times it size. and got heart pretty bad. If you get one make sure this is the right fish for you.

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In my opinion, Dwarf Puffers should be kept solely as specimen fish.

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schmoopi(Abbotsford BC)

I had a friend who got a dwarf puffer because it was cute too. It killed all of her fish in short order. They can be very aggressive....to say the least.

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Yeah they look cute.......and nasty, besides they aren´t for freshwater tanks they do better in brackish water, good company for them are scats and monodactylus, they are as mean as puffers are.

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You bet they're mean! Ever see "Shark Tales"

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I had a puffer once about 2 inches. I had a 50 gallon tank with other types of fish. They were not much bigger than he was. He was actually quite shy, liked to hide. The other fish were barbs, cichlids. Can't remember what else, this was 10 years ago. I had a crazy mix of fish though.

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