Noid Double AV - ID?

paxfleurNovember 10, 2007

Hello all! =) I was just wondering if anyone could identify this African violet? It has double blossoms that is of a light lavender and purple and the leaves are red underneath. Any help would be greatly appreciated! =)

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Wiwth over 15,000 varieties in the Master Variety List it is impossible to find the correct name if it had one to beign with. Keep it as a NOID and just enjoy the beautiful bloom.
Fred in MJ

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Hi Fred,
I guess it was worth a try though! =) But I know that you're right. Besides, what's in a name anyway? This AV is one of my favorites and I do indeed enjoy it's beautiful bloom. I just thought that perhaps there was someone else here that had this beauty in their collection as well and could give it back it's name. Thank you for your efforts though! =) By the way, I was trying to figure out for the last 15 minutes asking everyone in the house if they knew a state by the abbreviations "MJ" but I read your page and realized it was only a typo for "NJ" hehe. =)

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Hello again,
If ever you wanted to enter the plant in a show, just give it a name. It's done all the time. I guess I was a little off my game when I typed that last message to you. Rereading it I see I also misspelled begin. Oh well I can't be good all the time.
Fred in Mew

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Thanks Fred for all your help. =)

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