A Rest for a Gesnariad

gloriavictoria(z9 CA)November 7, 2007

I recieved a gesnariad as a gift. It is growing in my office under a full spectrum desk lamp and is still very lush and green. Is November the time of the year they should be dying back to have a rest?

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What kind of a gesneriad it is, do you know? Not all of them go dormant. Did you mean sinningia speciosa, aka the florist gloxinia?

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gloriavictoria(z9 CA)

I think it's a florist gloxinia. It has large deep pink blooms in the spring.

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I have one florist gloxinia that's doing the same thing. A couple others looked ready for dormancy, so I cut the tops off, cleaned the tubers (the tubers were huge! and they are only a year old! I always get amazed at what plants create out of water, light and fertiliser :) ). But one plant still looks very good and even has one last flower. I'm waiting till the flower is gone, then I'll be cutting down on water, maybe it'll get the point. Maybe it still wants to grow its tuber a bit larger, who knows. I figure if it goes dormant a bit later, it'll then flower a bit later too, not a big deal. Maybe if it still looks good after Thanksgiving, I'll just cut the top off anyway. But then I'm not really an expert... Maybe someone who actually knows what they are talking about will show up and say what they think on this matter.

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I would suggest posting on the GW Gesneriad Forum to see if someone there can answer your question.

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This is just a guess on my part but I seem to remember that when bulbs are finished putting up their bloom you are supposed to remove the pod and let the leaves die back by themselves. This supposedly was to let the strength go back into the bulb. I know if I wanted to move tulip bulbs I would dig them up from where they were planted and had to trench them in till the greenery died off. Could a tuber be the same?
Fred in NJ

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