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Kosplath(z7 TX)May 9, 2005

I haven't been able to find a rectangular 5 gallon tank. Do these exist? I've seen some different shaped ones that are 5 gallons, but they come with a kit that's anywhere from $30- $50!

I couldn't decide what to get for my poor betta, so after about half an hour staring at the two in the petsmart aisle I went with the 2.5 gallon, which ended up costing the same as the 10 gallon? How is this so??

I think I might return the 2.5 and hope the 10 gallon doesn't make the table collapse.

How is it that my male betta is much more perceptive than my female? He swims around in circles and flaps his fins when I walk into the room. Oh, Vonnegut, you silly betta.

I suppose the point of this post was to find out if there actually are regular rectangular 5 gallon tanks? :]

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oceanbubbles(Newport Bch CA)

Personally Ive never seem them. Only the 10 gallon. My betta Kolohe is in a 2.5 gallon tank too and he loves it just fine. I dont know why the 2.5 gallon cost the same as the ten.. did you get a kit? ( the 10 gallon was probably just the tank alone right?) Well, bettas are funny. They all have different personalities. Thats prob why your male is a lot more fiesty. Mine is a rascal! (Hence the name.. Kolohe means rascal in Hawaiian haha) Hes the greatest. Well, good luck with them! Glad to hear you are giving them a nice a big home instaed one of those lame little cups!

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Kosplath(z7 TX)

That's reassuring to know your betta likes his 2.5 gallon.

I have two small plants, a few pond rocks and a stackable stone house that I'm going to place inside his tank. The tank is a two-in-one for both reptiles and fish. I suppose that is why it costs the same.

I'm so excited, can't wait to put it all together. It's therapeutic!

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hosta_miser(z6b PA)

They do exist!!! I have 15 or so 5 gallon tanks. They are hard to find though. Most stores will only special order them now-a-days. I only know of one store that stocks them (That Fish Place in Lancaster, PA), and it's a bit far for you to travel from Texas :) Try you LFS and ask them to order one for you - but beware - they are more expensive than 10 gals!

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Jocelyn Wright

PetCo seems to have the 5 gal tanks...

I've been considering upgrading from my 2.5, but am worried if the cats knock it down (unlikely, but I'm overly cautious) that there would be LOTS of water seeping thru my landlords' ceiling.

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Kosplath(z7 TX)

Oh what a shame! I setup the 2.5 tank yesterday, but he seems to really enjoy it! There's lots of hiding places and this morning I saw him sleeping in his stone hidey hole.

I think I shall venture out to the nearest PetCo and have a look see!

Thank goodness for this forum.. :]

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grice(z5 Michigan)

Why not check your local Walmart? They may have what you're looking for. You can also check out Ebay,and also a site called(I think)Dr. Foster and Smith. Also ask Jeeves(i.e "Five gallon rectanular aquarium")

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angelo_s(z6 NY)

my crickets live in a 5 galon tank go to petland discounts I paid about $8 for mine

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Kosplath(z7 TX)

My local Walmart didn't have any either. Ebay was going to be my last resort.

I've never heard of petland discounts. I'll give it a look see, too.

Thanks :]

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isis_nebthet(8b/11suns SoCA)

I have one but it came out of the trash so I guess that's no real help ;)


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Perfecto makes a 5 1/2 gallon tank, can any of your local fish stores get Perfecto brand products?

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Many years ago I had one the one with medal sides.

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