Would love to show off some of my babies

greenthumbgardenerNovember 29, 2007

From the 200 seedlings from the same seed pod, 62 have bloomed so far. These are some of my favorites. It is so hard choosing what hits the window sill, and which hits the compost pile!


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Hey Bill,

That's great. I am impressed! I have never grown any from seed. Someday I'd like to try hybridizing. I didn't see any pictures though (or maybe you didn't post any?). You are an inspiration. :)

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korina(9b, Sunset 17)

What compost pile? I'll bet there are nursing homes, hospitals, schools, lots of places near you that will happily take your nice-looking rejects. Or you could teach a class in AV care at your Adult Ed. or wherever, using extras for students to practice on. Or your local AV club might want some for a sale (as noids, obviously). Or... (Compost pile. Sheesh.)


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