gray aquairum algae removal..

koiboi(z5Iowa)May 27, 2011


Been a year or two since I have posted here. I have a 2400 gallon outdoor Koi Pond with some 6 to 8 lb Koi presently on board.

I also have a indoor aquarium and I have a massive growth of gray fuzzy furry looking algae on the Amazon leaf plants. The plants remain healthy, but this stuff has to go. Is there any removal references or treatments. I have one large black male angel fish, 4 small red parrot cichlids, a single clown loach, 4 fresh water crabs in the tank.. Mentioned for cautionary measures on treatments.



Central Iowa.

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Is it Black Beard Algae aka BBA, Black Brush Algae?

Here is a link that might be useful: Algae Types & Cures

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