Sick female betta?

apsyched1May 19, 2008

My female betta, Pipsqueak (got her a week ago) is motionless at the top of the bowl. It is almost like she is in a deep sleep or unconscious, b/c once she 'comes to' she swims around & will eat. I even raised my voice & touched the water & even her to get her to move. When she 'comes to', it's like she is startled! & she starts swimming really fast & I am afraid her running into the sides may hurt her!I What's wrong!? What should I do?! I had a male (CatFood) for about a year & had a friend watch him over a long weekend when I had to leave town. He died when I was gone. Not sure why, as my friend disposed of him before I saw him. I am using the same bowl (glass - 1 gallon w/ a fake plant & big coral & stones at the bottom) but I washed everything well & is all sat in the sun & then in the closet before I got this fish (from the friend who was watching my other fish..) The 1 gallon 'bowl' is tall but not too wide. I picked up some 'revive' at walmart today (went to 3 places looking for bettamax or bettafix.. no luck).. & want to change the water (it's been 5 days). Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thx! :)

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What comes to mind is that she is living in a bowl, all by herself. No TV. No radio. No computer. No friends. She is obviously alert, but has nothing stimulating her to do anything, except you...and nowhere to go but the contours of the bowl.

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Did you acclimate him before placing him into the new bowl/water. You need to float the container in bowl to get water temp the same. Also the water ph and misc. may have shocked her. You need to gradually add new water to the water she was in. When doing a water change I use filtered (have one of those water picture that filter water) water let it sit for about 3-4 hours (or even a day) then add water conditioner. Scoop some of old water out, transfer fish to that and add some new water to dish fish is in. You should never do complete water change, reserve about 1/3 of old water to put in cleaned bowl. Is that real coral that in bowl, maybe getting too much disolved calcium from it? Also, never have water all the way up to top of bowl, they are known to jump out. Also to get enough disolved oxygen in bowl the depth of water should be close in ratio the surface water/exposed to air. In other words if water is 8" deep the surface should be approx 8" across. Hope this helps...I have noticed females are not as lively as males.

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i have a betta in a mini aquarium with a snap on lid but use a piece of glass instead.Your tank should be longer than taller as fish swim horizontally more than vertically.I would include some plants and driftwood for him to discover.Most bettas sleep at the top of the water on plants.If you have any more questions you can email me

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It's been 5 days since you changed the water? My guess is your lil gal is swimming in some pretty toxic water

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