Sutera cordata

HelloPandaNF(Zone Five)May 26, 2012

I bought a tall plant from Walmart thinking my tetras would love it, and pit it in the tank. They do seem to like it, but as I was researching what it could be (Walmart doesn't label their plants), and after a LONG time of googling random words, I finally found the name: bacopa cordata. That was a big relief until sites started listing it as a TERRESTRIAL plant, with no note at all about submerged use. Should I return the plant (if I can...), or will it be able to survive underwater? The top kinda lays at tue surface, so it has a little exposure to air.

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The plant might survive a while,but if it is not a true aquatic plant,then eventually it will probably start to decline & decay.
So long as you have a light for the tank,you really can't go wrong with an Amazon sword plant.They are very forgiving & will adapt to most water conditions & light levels.Hope this helps & best of luck

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