Goldfish with swim bladder disorders.

pondmaninfl(z9 FL)May 14, 2005

I have visited in here a few times but most of the time I'm in the Ponds and Aquatic Plants forum. I have a question that concerns a goldfish that my wife has in an aquarium. It won't or can't swim to the bottom and when it does stop swimming, it floats right up to the top, right side up and level. I'm sure that it has some sort of swim bladder disorder but what can be done to correct it? All help would be appreciated.



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Try feeding peas (green peas - frozen dethawed, out skins peeled) Make it the only thing you feed. Peas will sometimes ocrrect this (as it will in Koi, too). Don't overfeed the peas and remove any that aren't eaten. Does the goldie still have and appetite??

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