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rhynnoNovember 23, 2009

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum and had a quick question. A NOID of mine seems to have pollinated itself :/. I didn't think that they were self fertile for some reason. It looks like the stamen curled around and well...yeah. I can't imagine that the babies will have much variety and I'm tempted to pinch it off and try a cross of my own if I feel like it. I don't need new plants right now; I've got almost 30 named leaves busy growing babies haha.

Has anyone else experienced this?



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irina_co(z5 CO)

Ryan -

could be thrips

could be you just shook it at the right time

could be "false pregnancy' - the berry is there - but no seeds - I see it often when flowers have green in them.

Since even with self pollination the progeny can be very variable - may be one day you will be interested to try to grow them.

The pod will take long time to ripen - at least 4 months - when it get dry and ready to crack- you can collect it and store your seeds in a fridge until you are ready to try to grow them. Most possibly the seedlings won't give you any surprises - but who knows. May be you have a superviolet coming ;-)). It is just an experiment. The issue is not to grow more than may be 20 - they take too much space.


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I tend to agree with Irina, it could be thrips. Check the plant often and separate it for a while. Good luck with it.
Fred in NJ

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Hi Ryan
I have one plant that does that all the time! The plant is Emerald City, a lovely green and white chimera. It is the only one of my plants that does that. And it has been doing it for years.
That being said, it could be thrips. Check for signs of spilled pollen on the blossoms. Easier to see on darker colored blooms.
I hope it is "just a fluke" and not thrips! I hate those nasty critters!

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Thank you both. I hadn't thought of thrips =/. Never had them before so if nothing else it could be educational I suppose haha.

Thank you again for the info about when to harvest the seeds. I can't imagine planting more than one or two at most. I have too many plants as it is =/ lol.



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If it's thrips - it's a lesson you will NEVER want to repeat - trust me.


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korina(9b, Sunset 17)

It doesn't have to be thrips; semi-doubles can get a little twisty (because of the mutant petaloids) so that when the stamen pushes through the anthers, it can tear a pollen sac, and there ya go. I've had it happen a couple of times.

Or it could be thrips.


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Oops Lynn, I hadn't seen your response before I posted, ty too! Wow the emerald city chimera sounds fantastic on a side note :)!

Ty everyone for responding too. I had a hard look at the plant last night and can't see any spilled pollen (or tiny thrips) so I'm hoping that it's just self pollination :/!

Korina I looked at the stamen and I think you're right. It's all twisted back into the pollen sacks. Is that what happened to your emeral city plant Lynn? Seems like an odd thing for my plant to do considering that it's not a double.

Ty again,


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Hi Ryan
I just went and looked closely at the blossoms and that is what is happening. Never noticed that before. Emerald City is a nice plant - it blooms often and the blossoms last a long time. (it seems like blossoms with a little green color last longer whereas most of my white blossoms fade quickest) Sometimes Emerald City has a little lavendar in the blooms, but mine is pure green and white.


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