What roses are you planning for 2012

ibheriJuly 15, 2011

Sorry if I am lil early folks, here is a list i have so far and plan to add more based on your suggestions. I live in Pearland, TX.


Georgetown tea

Roseti Delizy


Le vesue

Livin Easy ( I really liked it a lot from what i read n HMF)

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

Le Vesuve is a wonderful choice, blooms in the heat, lovely color; I have four of them. The only other one I have on your list is Rosette Delizy, another wonderful choice. Just be aware that the colors will be paler during the hot season. Another rose I would never be without is Mrs. Dudley Cross, a completely thornless tea with gorgeous, large cream blooms that turn partially pink when it's warm. Blooms a lot and is a great rose for vases. Miss Atwood, William R. Smith and Alexander Hill Gray, and especially Mrs. R. Cant, are wonderful teas if you have the room. Bourbons like Souvenir de la Malmaison and its sports have also done really well for me in my hot, dry climate, although most of them so have some shade during the day. Another winner is Belinda's Dream which loves the heat, blooms a lot and has huge pink blooms that are stuffed with petals on a nice bushy plant. It was hybridized in Texas so that should tell you a lot about its heat tolerance.


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I'm just planning to get the ones I already have in the ground, and do a bit of reshuffling this fall. I'm going to remove the two European plums I planted that never flower and bear fruit. I have several Japanese plums that do better here and don't really need more. The spaces left by the two plum trees are part of the reshuffling plan.


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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

I wasn't planning on getting any, and the ones I am getting will be shipped in September of this year, probably a dumb idea since it will be so hot. At any rate, I'm getting Amazone, The Dark Lady, Bon Silene and my second Mrs. B.R. Cant to replace Yves Piaget which unfortunately has deteriorated badly this year, Mary Daly whose blooms last five minutes in the hot spot where I've planted her, Madame Lambard who has been a bonsai for the last two years, and another rose that was given to me by Paul Barden on trial which has steadfastly refused to grow in my garden. The up side of all this of course is that I get to try new roses without using up more space, which I don't have anyway. The down side is that I'm really, really tired of growing small roses and then waiting forever for them to be big roses. Meanwhile the squirrels, rabbits, roof rats and who knows what else are doing their level best to decimate them and to make my blood pressure go to record heights. So much for the peace and serenity of gardening. But, it's still better than an expensive drug habit.....


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I didn't order any roses this year, except I bought two bagged roses from Big W that cost $10 each (Claire Rose and The Alnwick rose).

Next year, I would like to order:

1. Evelyn (This will be my fourth attempt to grow this rose. Just love the blooms. Too bad it's not cane hardy enough.)

2. William Morris (I've seen some wonderful photos of this rose as a climber. Can't wait for for it to take off.)

3. ???

My courtyard is already over crowded with 11 roses. I love the roses I have - and I should really tried to stay away from the rose catalogue each year because I don't have any room for more.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Well, we certainly are not helping the rose nursery business, are we! I also have plans only for re-shuffling roses. Of course, I said last year that I was getting no more roses for this year--but still managed to buy three of them, so who knows for sure about next year--except that I have no intentions of buying any for next year.

(unless I find a really good replacement for that one rose that never has bloomed very well.)

: )


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Well, I'll be making up for those of you who aren't planning to add anything next year. My garden and landscape and rose passion is only a few years old and I started with a blank slate. Went from four roses to eighteen this spring and am already evaluating what spaces I have for next spring's additions. They'lll be room for seven or eight I think.

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I'm getting two Felicite Parmentier for my alba bed which already has a Konigin von Danemark and two Mme. Plantier.

I've got to get rid of two additional Mme. Plantier, four Carefree Beauty, and three Crocus Rose. They are all very healthy, but I have too many roses and I don't think they do much for the garden design. I've already removed and dumped three William Baffin roses which was an exhausting job as these roses have EXTREMELY vigorous roots.

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Here's another who is not buying new roses next year, or even this fall, our main planting season. I have seven roses in pots waiting for permanent places and not enough space left for more roses.

I worry a lot about the Radiance I got all the way from Rogue Valley Roses by way of a friend who imported several American roses in spring. Some of you may remember that I have pined for Radiance for many years and couldn't get it in Europe. It is in a large pot now and doing splendidly but I don't think I can overwinter it inside in the pot. So I shall have to plant it in the ground and hope for a mild winter. GIve me some hope those of you who grow Radiance in a colder zone!

Marianne in Sweden

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I just ordered 4 Austins - Mary Rose, Graham Thomas, St Swithun and Hyde Hall (as I have posted elsewhere - the names are really starting to roll off the tongue nicely). Hopefully, they'll be here soon. I'm not decided if I should plant them right in the garden or pot them up. I've got bulldozing armadillos who have no respect for small plants - or any others, for that matter.


Here is a link that might be useful: If only sweat were irrigation...

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harborrose(8-Puget Sound/PNW)

I'd been wanting three roses for a small hedge in the last remaining spot unplanted and decided on Louise Clements from Heirloom, along with Pretty Jessica and Sweet Haze, two smaller roses for the last two spots in a raised bed. I have just a few in a pot ghetto to plant this fall.

That's it unless there's more death and mayhem in the garden this winter. I have left Enchantress' carcass in the ground as I read in a rose book that once someone thought a rose had died but it came back from the roots two years later. The carcass gets one more year to see if any growth shows up.

In the meantime, I'm just waiting to see what happens with what I've planted over the last two years. So, next year will be the third summer for the first ones planted when we moved here and then maybe I'll know what to do.

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Jason_D_B(9a NE FL)

I just bought Abraham Darby for my garden this year! Should be coming in the fall.

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seil zone 6b MI

I'll have to wait and see what makes it through the winter. After planting the new bed to get rid of so many pots I don't want to buy a bunch more that end up back in pots! But I know I'll buy something. I always do, lol! I wasn't going to buy any this spring because we knew we had to get rid of pots and I ended up buying 9!

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Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. Maybe in a couple of yrs I'll get there and buy no more. I have a small yard but I think as long as I can see some lawn I will continue to buy ;)

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I told myself, no more roses for this year. Today I went to the garden nursery looking for some annuals but I ended up purchasing the new 'Claire Austin'. It cost $24 - which is $7 more than a bare-rooted rose. I hope I've made the right choice. They have Princess Alexandra of Kent and Munstead Wood but they looked very puny with uneven forming canes, so I ended up with 'Claire'.

I love English roses. There's something about them that makes me attracted to them - perhaps their pastel colour, their scent and the way how the petals are formed. Most of them are so beautiful. After reading the novel called, "Wings" by Aprilynne Pike, I'm starting to believe that those English roses are like faeries but in a plant form. LOL!

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From the Pot ghetto SDLM Rouge & Madame Joseph Bonnaire

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

I told myself, no more roses for this year.

I do that, too. Why doesn't it ever work?

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I don't know. Maybe I have an addiction. On the other hand, I prefer to use the word, 'hobby' to describe my love affair with the English roses.

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harborrose(8-Puget Sound/PNW)

It always makes me feel virtuous to decide no more roses after I've ordered more roses. Somehow justifies my order. After all, there will be NO MORE ROSES for quite awhile. Maybe forever. Or at least until next year.

But then ... Vintage restocks. Someone posts on the virtues of ... say Wolley Dod rose or Tess of the D'ubervilles or a hybrid alba I haven't heard of before. Then there's all those Canadian roses I don't have any of. A half price sale I hadn't counted on.

If I stopped thinking about my garden I'd stop thinking about roses. Fat chance.

And have you ever seen Doorsenbos Selection? Or rose glauca in full bloom? Or smelled Alba semi-plena or Maiden's Blush?

No more roses. Right. Just one more order. sigh.

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There are always more roses! Even in my current overwhelmed state, with more weeds in the garden than I have ever seen, I am planning more roses.

It's too early right now to know what next year's plans will be ... because this year is still in full swing. I plant roses almost all year, and I find that it's much better for the plants in my climate to be in the ground than to be in pots over the winter. (Last winter, I lost no planted roses and a heartbreaking number of potted ones.) A few bands even went straight into the ground as late as October(Bow Bells is one that I can remember off the top of my head), and they are doing beautifully.

Gean, dear, you put it beautifully ... there are always opportunities to add roses to the collection. Eurodesert's garden liquidation has been a treasure trove of amazing varieties. I wish I had a moving truck to take them all! Heirloom's half-price sale provided some roses that I've been wanting for a while, and some that I thought it would be fun to try ... at half price, what's the harm of trying something I've never seen before? Some of my favorite roses came to me this way.

There are always roses on the roadside and in cemeteries that need a quick trim ... and those snippets root and become roses in my garden. This is what I love to do best, because we never know when the original rose will disappear. I have seen it happen too many times, and I do what I can to preserve them elsewhere.

It may not seem like it, but I AM scaling back. I am using the rest of this year and into next year to fine-tune the garden I already have and maybe I can finally, FINALLY get the pot ghetto emptied. Shoot, if I cut it in HALF I'd be overjoyed.


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Well I have two hundred ordered, a mixture from all classes of roses, to add to my 750 different varieties of roses. It is winter here and I am doing some hours every day to get my garden in order before I start planting the new ones. Also I have re done my list of roses in a more organised way.

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I've bought and propagated a lot of plants this year and buying roses is on the back burner. That doesn't mean I won't do it, of course. But there are the peony order, the clematis order, all the baby plants of valerian, lavender, and thyme I purchased in spring and have been growing on. And then there are the fruits of the cuttings taken last fall, including quite a few roses: 'Princesse Louise', 'Lady Mary Fitzwilliams', 'Napoleon', 'Celine Forestier', 'Hebe's Lip', 'Dr. Grill', and many more. It was quite a haul, though I have more successfully rooted house-eaters than I really care to think about.
So I may not get around to buying roses. The Teas, Chinas, and Noisettes haven't been at the front of my mind for the last couple of years because the weather has been unfriendly to them and they've suffered accordingly. Losing half my order from Roseraie du Desert a couple of winters ago was a blow. But now I might put word out that I'm looking for cuttings of warm-climate roses that I lack, and see if I can make a trade. There are a number of fairly common Teas that I just happen not to have--'Maman Cochet', 'Lady Hillingdon'--not to mention many desirable varieties that also haven't made their way into my garden. And Teas and Chinas generally root fairly readily. Also I have a place assigned for them in the garden. Where all my future huge climbers are going to go, I have no idea.

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Melissa, do you have Maman White Cochet climbing ? Mine grew very quickly here and is to the top of the archway. I saw it blooming at my friends open garden and then I got my own as a bare root. I only got a few pretty blooms late last Summer, before that there were some balled ones. I can't wait till it blooms this year.

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I have satisfied my early impulses and learned the downside of buying only for bloom color or form or scent. I have added a number of the roses that do well here including the Noisettes and now I want to revisit the world of teas - I have not had good success here, one out of two dead and another obviously headed in that direction, but I am not convinced I cannot grow them and will try again - another Rosette Delizy to replace the one I had to bag and dispose of - my only case of suspected Rose Rosette Disease in many years of gardening - and probably one or two more older teas. Rosette Delizy is the only one currently on order for delivery in the early fall.

I have a substantial pot ghetto on my raised concrete side porch which is definitely Mediterranean with almost total sun and where things winter well with little protection. Several of these - mostly Bourbons - are ready to move on and a place is being prepared in fits and starts in our current heat for that project in either the fall or early spring.

I sometimes think I have learned from my mistakes and then again I sometimes think that all I have learned is to keep on keeping on.

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Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. Maybe in a couple of yrs I'll get there and buy no more. I have a small yard but I think as long as I can see some lawn I will continue to buy ;)

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No, I don't. I have 'White Maman Cochet', 'Niles Cochet', and, from cuttings given me last fall, two baby plants of 'Cl. Maman Cochet'. As I've noted elsewhere, the original MC has escaped me, though it's not terribly hard to find. I want to see whether I can find someone with whom to swap cuttings this fall. This has been a bad couple of years for the Teas in my garden, but I have hopes this year of seeing them revive.

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organicgardendreams(z 10)

None because my pot ghetto is too big already, but I know that I will get 'Princess Alexandra of Kent' anyway. I saw this rose in England and just can't live without it!


Here is a link that might be useful: Organic Garden Dreams

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