thewandererJune 20, 2008

I have up graded my blue male betta to a 3 gal.eclipse filtered tank.I used tap water and the 7.6 i tried to lower it but it will not come down,and now his top fin is curling at the tip,and he has some red coloring on his fins is this o.k.? all so how can you tell if bettas are stressed? i have read the current from a filtered tank can stress the fish.he's swimming like crazy.thank-you.

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It might be that your filter has not gone through the Nitrogen Cycle as yet and the Ammonia is stressing the fish out. The filter needs time to develop "good bacteria" (nitrosamonas) to break down the Ammonia into also toxic Nitrite and then break down the Nitrate (nitrobacter)into safe Nitrate.

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