rehoming severums

settianoJune 10, 2013

We have about 10 gold severums we need to rehome. They range in size from 1" to maybe 2". Sevs are very very gentle fish and cannot be put with even mildly aggressive fish. They are currently living with some rams, siamese algae eaters, and calm angelfish.

I will probably have to give them to a small LFS here but was hoping that there might be someone local to me (Berea KY) who understands sevs and would take good care of them.
I would like to know about your knowledge of these wonderful fish as well as the size and inhabitants of your tank/s. Please be aware that these guys will get as big or bigger than a discus and require at least a 55 for two and larger for more.

These are our pets and we will not do anything to cause them harm so you would have to pick them up.

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