please help! my betta stopped eating!

sarah_and_judeJune 28, 2008

I just bought a male betta fish about two weeks ago and he was doing totally fine until yesterday when he stopped eating. He's still really active but he won't eat and he's taken to hiding in the little castle I put in his tank. When I try to put betta pellets in his tank, he either spits it out and swims away or doesn't even try. Then, he'll swim back up to where the food is, look like he might try to eat it again, and then swim away. I have him in a 1 gallon (I think) tank with a water pump that just sort of circulates the water. Any advice you have would be appreciated very much!

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how much are u feeding him? they eat very little,just 2-3 pellets a day.feed one at a make sure he eats it.has he pooped?if not u can try a cooked frozen has to be a frozen pea thawed out and shelled,then mash it up and give him 1/4 of it.this will help him poop.after this u can feed him 5 days fast on the 6 day feed pea on the 7 day.the pellets may be to big try crushing them,giving him betta flakes,blood worms,brine shrimp.i'm new to keeping bettas too.go to ultimate good site.or betta

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I still can't get him to eat. I tried changing his water, giving him different food (betta flakes), but he still doesn't seem to be eating. I tried the pea, which he ate, though he spit a little bit of it back out. He does the same thing with the flakes. He only eats one or two, then spits a little bit of them back out.

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Whats the water temp ?

It sounds like a water problem not food. Are you changing some of the water ?

Try changing some water (24 hour aged water or dechlorinated dont overdose on dechlorinator) .

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