guppy fry!

fish_loverJune 21, 2006

I just got 2 guppies, 1 male and 1 female. When I got them home and put them into the 1 gallon aquarium that has some plastic plants and a small treasure chest, a couple of hours later I noticed that the female was giving birth! My first instinct was to put the fry in another aquarium so that the mother and the male wouldn't eat them. I put them into a 1.66 gallon aquarium with an under gravel filtration system. When I put the 5 guppy fry in the aquarium all but 1 swam down to take cover in the rocks the other stayed at the top rolling, the others were all acting fine and would come up occasionaly. This morning I found it dead (the 1 that had been on the top rolling). I can't find the others and I was wondering what you think happened to them. I can tell that the female is still gravid from the dark spot on her abdomen, and I was wondering what I could do differntly next time?

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woeisme(z7b NC)

If the UGF is too strong they may have been pulled in. Toss the UGF and use a sponge filter. They are cheap or you can make one out of any old aquarium equiptment like airpumps, risers from the UGF, airstones and a spare sponge. I have a spare tank set up just for fry. You can use a breeding net or acrylic breeder or just put the expectant fish in the fry tank, but have it heavily planted (live or artificial) with floating plants also. The fry may have got stress shock if the fry tank you used had "new" water in it instead of water from the existing aquarium.

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I was just looking at the aquariums and found that in the fry tank there are 2 more visable dead fry. and in the parent tank two more dead one looks like it was born with a defect and the other is down in the rocks. There is one that is alive but it looks even smaller than the others and the mother is still in labor it apears.

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Is there anything that I can use as a substitute for the breeding net? And what should I do? I don't have any of those things that you mentioned and I don't want the little guppy to die!

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I can't help with this litter, but I can help with the next. First, a 1-gallon tank is too small for a pair of guppies. A 5-gallon tank would be better for them (though a 10 is even better, and for some reason cheaper), and you can choke the back of it with real or fake plants (leaving lots of room in the front for swimming). When the female has her next litter (probably in a month), the fry will be able to swim into the plants and live in safety. (You could move the pregnant female to a separate tank where she can give birth and then move her back, but that can stress her too much, causing her to give birth early and possibly die.) The babies will later need to be moved to a larger tank where they can grow, but not until they're old enough to handle the stress of moving. After the first few times, your guppies will have no interest at all in eating their fry, so you'll have them coming out your ears. Make sure you plan what you're going to do with all those fish.

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