aquarium plants in a pond?

yng_grdnr(z6 lower hudson valley)June 17, 2007

Hello. i am a ponder and I am usually in the pond forum, but I am curious about placing aquarium plants, corkscrew val, for example, in a raised pond outdoors. the temperature is usually around 75, but does go up to 80+. I do have fish and regular pond plants. My plan was to have a few plants on the bottom of the pond for the fish to hide/play in. Will this work or will the plants end up dying? Thanks!

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woeisme(z7b NC)

They should be fine as long as they get enough light and any fish in the pond don't eat them. Goldfish will usually demolish the softer plant leaves. Other then that they should do OK. Vals is probably a good choice since most ponders I have encountered have harder water and high pH.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I find that most aquarium plants actually grow better in a pond. lol
Val makes a beautiful carpet given enough time. Swords,Cryps and Aponogetons also. Goldfish or Koi will be a problem as they will uproot them.. Of course there is always the problem of winter. I doubt most could survive a freeze. gary

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Actually; all FW aquarium plants are pond/lake or stream/river plants in their native habitats and as Gary noted; will grow better outdoors than in an aquarium, but Koi or Goldfish will either uproot or nibble away on most of them.

However, they won't touch Java fern and will leave most Anubas alone. But Crypts and Aponogetons wouldn't last a minute with the smallest Goldie and generally need warmer water than a carp finds comfortable.

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yng_grdnr(z6 lower hudson valley)

thank you all for your help! I'll be getting some plants soon.

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