Betta - female, eggs, dropsy, or tumor?

sherryazure(6)June 10, 2007

This female from a local store, about 1 year with me, so already older, but otherwise fine and feisty. She has been housed in a 20 long with driftwood, and anubias plants, and gets along fine with glass catfish, albino cories, and now black neon tetras.

I noticed her breeding tube (oviduct)was becoming extended so as before (this several times since I've had her) I originally thought it was her eggs swelling her a bit.

But, I noticed the swelling is only on ONE side of her, and a bit too high and far back to be I think her eggs. Not sure.

From photos of pregnant females, this swelling starts about where the bottom fin (long anal fin) begins and is up closer to the lateral line not starting near the front of her head and lower. Now today it is swollen enough so that the scales are a bit out. Again, this is only on one side.

I have put her in her own tank with the same water, penn plax small filter, silk plants and added some regular aquarium salt and some epsom salt, and fed her some smashed pea.

Any ideas? If it is internal bacterial something or tumor, I won't treat with meds and just let her live it out as best she can. As I said I've had her about one year, and they are about that at local pet stores.

Thanks for any thoughts. Sherry

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Hard to say without seeing her. A gravid female will have a white spot protruding from her tummy. What scares me is that only one side is sticking out. It should be uniform. Scales sticking out sounds like dropsy. On the rare occasions that we experienced dropsy. assuming that this is what it is, I was taught to use "some Epsom salts". Not much to go on, I'm afraid.

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Hmm, my email isn't working pre Garden web site once again. Thanks much. I did use the Epsom and aquarium salts. A few days since posting the bump is reduced but not gone. Scales a bit 'scaled' back - almost flat now. It does not at all look like eggs even though her tube is out, just due to the placement. Scares me too.

I am keeping her in 2 gallon eclispe tank alone in case but I think it is either constipation (far stretch) or tumor of some sort, which she will live with until she doesn't. So giving her attention care and love. She is spunky still. The slight reduction is encouraging, but I am not getting my hopes up. Thanks again. Sherry

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Hi, I honestly don't have much idea what could be wrong with your girl - possibly a local bacterial infection? It doesn't sound like dropsy, that would make her look like a bloated pineapple. Constipation isn't as far a stretch as you think to be honest.

Her egg tube should always be visible and she will stay loaded with eggs year round until she hits menopause but there is always a chance she can become egg bound.

I hope she's doing better :)

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Well, she is alive and back in community (hope it isn't contagious but needed space) Still active, and fed peas. Will try castor oil on pea again in case she is plugged up, but really looks like a growth such as tumour (castor oil a real purger). Only on one side so just think some sort of internal growth. Will watch, she is very active and acts and eats normally. Not bacterial I think or she'd be getting worse. I was wondering about being egg bound, but only one one side? hmm, time as always will tell. Meanwhile she is a happy camper in her big 20 gallon community. School of priscella tetras, with wood and large leaved anubias, low lights. New set up and have to say looks pretty nice. The tetras sparkle. Thanks one and all. Sherry

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