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curlietop(CENTRAL TX)June 14, 2010

I have a 55G that has been set up for alittle over a year. It has an underground filter and live plants. The plants did very well the first 6-8months but now seem to be dormant,and there seems to be more algae. Also noticed the airstone dont have the power they used to have even though I have changed them out, have two 60G air pumps and do monthly gravel vacuums/water changes. Do I need to do the "oh-no!" and tear the whole thing down?

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There's really no point in using a UGF with plants.

How much light to you have? For low-light plants, about 1.5W/gallon is fine. 2W/gallon is better. You don't need killer lights (or CO2, or fancy fertilizers, for reasonable plant growth) One 40W tube over a 48" 55 gallon tank is a way low unless you are also getting some natural light.

I'd start over. Read up a Walstad style Natural Planted Aquairums. Redo the substrate. If you only have 40W of light, put the tank by a window, buy at least another 40W of light, or better yet, get something like a 2x65W compact flourescent fixture.

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