apongeton plant

michael1846(6)June 25, 2013

Hi I bought plant bulbs from petsmart I would like to know the care of apongeton plant is it a root feeder(I think so it has a bulb) does it need a dormancy and how to I do it it's doing great btw it has flowers (also if any1 has info on the dwarf Lilly's that come in the plant bulb pack I would appreciate it thx

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

have no idea which type of aponogetons they put into
those packs but i find most of them fairly easy to grow .
Almost all go dormant at some point but most don't require temp changes just a rest period You might want to track down which specie you have since they are such a large family with a wide range .many different types of life cycles.
Same is true for the lilies . I suspect they would be african dwarfs?? I usually grow them for as long as possible then as they decline just replace them
Good luck gary

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