Aquarium question

sutallee(7 B/ georgia)June 9, 2008

If I remember right Odell used to be the top of the line aquarium. What is the top of the line aquarium today?


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I though All Glass Aquarium used to be the top of the line and Odell made specialty tanks.

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I have a tennecor which I was told was top of the line.. its acrylic though.. which hasnt been to forgiving to scratches..

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didnt Odell by All Glass aquarium ?

I think as far as tanks go they are still top of line and their light fixtures blow Perfecto away .

Tenecor as far as Acrylic tanks is #1 but thats acrylic well if not #1 that tied for #1 as other brands very good now to but yes Acrylic you sneeze in its direction and it scratches my old tank was acrylic and when moved upgrades tank size left acrylic though nothing beats the look

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Interesting to find the question here, because there is a current debate going on right now regarding acrylic vs. glass on a specialty website maintained by one of the most advanced and respected aquarists in the country, Mark Denaro and the Anubias Design web, to which most of the contributors are themselves quite advanced.

The general concensus is that only someone with acccess to several weightlifters and perhaps a gorilla would even think about a glass tank over 100 gal., capacity, simply due to the weight and as I have two glass 125's and a 140, I can attest to that issue. I would like to move of the 125's from my greenhouse down to our basement rec. room, but will need to hire help to do it, so may just give up the notion and use some of what it would cost to move the glass one and have an acrylic built to fit a nice oak cabinet stand I have to fit a standard 125 L.

However, surface scratches should not be a serious issue on any well made acrylic tank. Given the proper tools and materials, removing scratches and polishing acrylic is really quite simple. It just takes a bit of patience to go at it in the correct sequence of stages, from coarser to finer materials, until it's ready for the final polish and buffing out.

In fact, the primary consideration with any acrylic tank isn't so much scratching, but quality of materials and structural integrity. Given a thick enough cast acrylic and the correct amount of top bracing to avoid bowing, no glass tank will show off fish as well, be easier to handle or more leak free.

For quality of construction in a glass tank, I can reccomend those made by Glasscages, although they can be real PITA's to deal with. But along with their standard stock sizes, they will also custom build a tank to fit any space and beat retail all get out.

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