Dandy pots?

contrarymarypat(5)November 19, 2009

Just wondering what others think of the dandy pots. I wick water individual plants using a wide variety of containers. Are dandy pots worth the price? Does anyone know where they could be purchased at a discount? Right now I don't find any on Ebay. Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


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The nice thing about the Dandy pots is the wide lip, or top edge, that makes a good support for the leaves. However,if you intend to enter your plant in an AVSA show, these pots are not allowed.
Personally, I prefer the Oyama "self watering" planters. No wick needed, and the solid plastic construction does not show the ugly green algae that is exposed with clear containers. So, no Physan 20 needed in the water to kill the algae.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Mary -

I second Lynn. Not worth buying.

If you already got one - better to use it on a tougher plant, these pots have similar problem to double ceramics. You cannot really control the amount of water they send up.


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The older ladies in our violet club have used the dandy pots for years and just love them. I did not like them much. I think the colors were too bright maybe and the top was dark and the bottom see thru color? Didn't have a problem with them being too wet. I liked how easy it was to fill the resouvour and to see that it was empty or low of water. I will say that the oyama pots are the best for me. I have too many plants to grow everything in them, but my plants love them, the roots grow right out the bottom of the top pot. I highly recommend them. The drawback is not being able to see when the water is low as the lower part is the same solid color as the top, which looks better to me. Cape Cod Violetry sells both I think, I don't know if they are the best price or not. tish

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Lynn, Irina & Tish, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have a few of the 2 piece ceramic but have not planted anything in them. I actually ordered a couple of them for minis (before I posted this thread) where the guy drills a hole in them so you can wick water (sounded like a good idea). Perhaps I will have DH drill a hole in the regular size ones I have so I can at least use them as decorative reservoirs.

I'm not crazy about the Dandy pot colors I have seen, but seem like a great planter with reservoir. I worry that I could not keep water in the Oyamas. Most of my reservoirs are clear.

Thanks again and Have a great Thanksgiving!

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okie_deb(6 OK. zip 737)

If anyone has some Dandy Pots they don't want or need anymore please contact Mary and I thru GW so we can try to trade with you for them? I for one wouldn't mind if they are used. They can after all be sterilized with Clorox.
Myself I would be interested in any size up to and including the 4 inch size. I grow from micro's to standards. I'd like to try these pots.
I would of posted this on the Exchange side but figure no one this time of year would be looking over there. haha.
Easy way to clear space for more room for violets if the pots are just taking up space!,,,Debbie

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Debbie, Great idea!!! I would be interested. Now how do I add my email contact infor to the forum? I'm not totally computer illiterate....not totally :-)


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okie_deb(6 OK. zip 737)

Mary I started a separate thread to help you with your email settings.
It may help some others if they have the same problem and want to change their preferences also.,,,Debbie

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