Freeze dried tubifex worms

melle_sacto(Z9/Sunset 14 CA)June 16, 2005

What is the deal with these things? I bought a jar of them for my relatively large black moores and I can't tell if they eat them or not. The worms are in cube-shaped blocks that float around and drop tiny bits of debris (worms?).

Are these for small fish only? Thanks for any advice.

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I never liked the freeze dried tubifex & haven't used them in many years. They just seem too, well, dry. Even trying to presoak them doesn't work - they seem to stay dry for many hours, & my fish never seemed to like them at all.

These days I only feed flake food, live food, & thawed frozen food to my fish.

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melle_sacto(Z9/Sunset 14 CA)

Usually I feed thawed frozen brine shrimp, peas and a special goldfish food called Pro-Gold. I guess I'll toss out the worms, I've been trying to give them away but no takers. Thanks, I should have asked before buying them.

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PaganIL(Zone 5 IL)

My spiney eels and Angels like them. Once they hydrate, Iwould often find a couple of spiney eels hanging from a cube chowing down! The rest of my fish...event he carnivorous ones...could care less...thought he violet gobies will eat them once they sink to the bottom.


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triple_b(BC 5b)

Oh good. You just saved me a few bucks!

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My goldfish and koi always love fresh brine shrimp when I can get them!

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My cat fish loves the worms. Even though she stays at the bottom most of the time she will come right up and chow down on the worms. The Tetras will go after whatever she misses.

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