Hinge on glass cover deteriorating ... ?solution?

paul_(z5 MI)June 27, 2007

Hi all,

The hinge of the glass cover for my 55 gal tank is deteriorating. Any suggestions for a cheap easy way to fix it?

: (

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Funny you should ask: I just received an order of both hinges and back strips from Foster & Smith today.


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woeisme(z7b NC)

Glad to know that they sell them. The price is a little high though. You could buy a brand new onw for only $5-7 more for a 55G though. Well worth it for a 6' tank though. Glad this was asked and answered.
For a cheap fix though, try some hardware supplies for a plastic or acrylic continuous hinge. They are very inexpensive to buy single, but they are hard to find. I have seen them on the internet, but you have to buy in bulk. All you would need is some clear 2-part epoxy that is safe for potable water supply, about 44 at Home depot or hardware stores.

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I agree the price seems a bit high, but if you check the cost of a new, 4ft glass cover, it may be less, not to mention time and gas running around to try to find a match to the original, and paul did ask for easy along with cheap, so he will have to decide which solution best suits his time and wallet.

I really bought them to make custom covers, as I line up my 10's short end forward and want the covers to open on what would be the side, rather than front of the tank.

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Clean it up and use like plumbers tape colored.Hubby has a grey,it s in blue,black.Put a piece on both sides waterproof.

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