If you've sent me an Email and haven't received a reply....

petiolaris(Neutral)June 20, 2007

For some reason, undetermined as yet, I found two Garden Web forum member Emails in my Spam folder. I haven't checked that folder in several months, but did so tonight, on a lark. What is scarier still, during this month I received two other Emails from Garden Web members, through my Inbox.

If anybody has tried to contact me and not received a reply, please let me know on this forum.

Jim (Petiolaris)

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Not exactly related, but ever since gw changed their format, I have much trouble receiving timely emails. Or none at all. I have to check my old post to see if there is any follow up, and now the dates are changed as well. If it ain't broke.... Best Sherry (ps, I think that is why there was a drop off in posters a while back, mho)

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