danio eggs

happydays08June 10, 2007

hey everyone,

my danio laid eyes right before dying. i can see something inside of the eggs so i kept them in a seperate tank. i tested the wateer and the temprature annd theyre both good. do u guys think that they were fertilized or that they'll develop(sorry im a noob). if so anything in particular that i should do to take care of the eggs and fry?

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Presuming there was a male to fertilize the eggs and you can see movement in them, then yes, you have fertile eggs.

Before they hatch, which will be PDQ; buy some liquid fry food and frozen BABY brine shrimp.

Baby danio's are very tiny when they first hatch, and will lay on the bottom until they absorb the egg sacks that nourish them until they become free swimming; after which they must be fed very often: at least 6 times daily.

Use only sponge and/or box filters filter with them, or a sponge pre-filter on the intake of a power filter, or they will be sucked into the filter.

Once they are free swimming, you can also grind up any high quality flake food to a super fine powder with a mortar and pestle and they will be able to eat it.

I have had good success making fry food by fine grinding fairly high protein (at least 45%) flake food, adding sterile water, then liquifying it in a blender and freezing it.

I line a smallish, square baking dish with saran, pour in the liqiuid mix, freeze, then store it in a heavy freezer zip bag. Then I only need to break off pieces to feed, as it thaws very quickly in warm tank water.

The small frozen "sheet" of food floats as it thaws, and the feed drops down for the babies to eat a bit more slowly, giving them a better chance to fill up before it all falls to the bottom.

Danios are primarially mid-water feeders, and will take food from the surface, but are not much for picking it up from the bottom, so you want to delay the food dropping to the bottom as much as possible.

They will take the baby brine within a week, and if gotten off to a good start, perhaps a bit less. There too, use the floating properties of the frozen BBS cubes. Just drop a frozen BBS cube in the tank and it will release the BBS as it thaws. More will be eaten and less will be wasted.

Your greatest challenge will be in keeping their tank clean without literally flushing the babies with the dirty water, and with tiny fry that eat continually, partial water changes will be a daily chore.

Drain only into a white bucket, so you can better see what is in it, and allow the water to settle before you toss it, because it's too easy to siphon up babies with the muck.

Also buy a brine shrip net, which is extra fine and super soft, to use to rescue them from your dirty water bucket.

Good luck, and have fun with them. Danios are usually the first egg laying species any budding fish breeder has success with, so watch out that you don't get bitten with the bug, or you too could end up with a housefull of tanks.

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