New telescope eye goldfish not looking good!

reg_pnw7(WA 7, sunset 4)June 28, 2007

I have an established 20g tank that has one oranda about 2 inches. I added a very fancy telescope eye panda goldfish about two weeks ago. He never ate well but he did seem to eat something, but now he's gotten lethargic over the past few days and is laying on the bottom of the tank, arched sideways. Yesterday I was able to handfeed him some seaweed and some bloodworm but he spit most of it out. today he won't eat anything, just gasping. The oranda is fine.

I ran a water check. Nitrite and ammonia are nearly 0. pH is about 7.4. I do add salt. The tank is unheated, so in the upper 60s. There is a large box filter and an undergravel filter which I turned off when he started getting listless as he was unable to swim against the current of the pump. I had just done a gravel cleaning before he was added, and did another partial water change a couple days ago. I keep fairy moss and a bit of milfoil in the tank for them to eat and to hopefully cycle some of their waste. I have driftwood in there too, which seems to grow a lot of algae.

Is there anything else I can do for him? There's no sign of ich or any other external symptoms. I've had the oranda for some months now, but my goldfish never do live as long as they should. Too many die within the first month, and none live much more than a year. Goldfish are supposed to live for years with good care! isn't that what I'm giving them??

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I¡¦d recommend buying a medicine that kills internal parasites. Though they, being the parasites, usually make the fish eat like a pig, after a while make the fish rather ill. Also check for little white dots on him or ¡¥eaten fins¡¦ this is a sure sign of ¡¥ich¡¦. My gold fish got ich and the medicine could not cure them ¼ only my apple snail survived, which may mean your other fish is immune. Also do some research, some gold fish, like my friends need extremely special care, and they need to be kept warm. I¡¦m not sure if the colder climates would affect your fish though.

Also, I have found that a fancy gold fish sometimes just die, because there bread so many times their immune systems go to almost nothing. (Breeders are more for the looks, not the health) He might also have a bladder problem, if you live near a trusted pet store (one with educated people) ask them about it, or phone your vet. A vet may be able to tell you what¡¦s wrong with out seeing the fish, which saves money; it worked for my angle fish years back.

If you explain the symptoms to any pet store, or better yet a trusted one, they may no the right cure.

I¡¦m not sure if any of this helps, but good luck!

P.s: It may be that your Ph is a little high, I know most fish like it 6.0, but my fish or fine in 7.1, however I also have aquatic frogs, which like high ph. Ask around with what is the correct Ph for your fish types. Sorry about the info on the ich, I didn¡¦t see that part.

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There's really nothing in your description that is wrong or out of balance. It might have internal parasites, but that's difficult to conclude.

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reg_pnw7(WA 7, sunset 4)

He's dead now. Why do my new goldfish keep dying right after the 2 week warranty period? while a tankmate might keep going fine for months. Still, none live as long as goldfish are supposed to live.

It looked like swim bladder, but he never ate enough while in my care to have overeaten himself into a blocked swim bladder. And he can't have been just a weak fish, because someone kept him alive and healthy for the couple years or however long it took to get him to the 2" size I bought him at.

The only fish stores in this area are the big boxes. I won't buy fish at PetCo because all their fish die within two weeks, so I go across town to PetSmart, their fish live longer than two weeks as often as not. Not this one. He was perfectly healthy looking when I got him, I always watch the fish carefully before making a choice. And he was Gorgeous. Such a waste, to take that gorgeous creature home and kill him. So he was fine when I got him, but he never really ate for me, and wasted away and died. This has happened many times in the past. Is that just how it goes with fish these days? I don't remember having this problem when I had a tropical community tank back in the day of independent fish stores, pre - PetCo.

I feed them fairy moss and mosquito larvae and milfoil from my little 25 gallon outdoor water garden. Could they be contaminated with something that's killing the fish? I never add anything except fish safe pond products to it, and not much of that, but it is Rubbermaid material, with plants in plastic nursery pots. the fairy moss came from a nursery but it lives in the pond. The milfoil came from Lake Washington but I washed it carefully before adding it to the pond, and then to the aquarium. What would milfoil carry that would be toxic to goldfish?

The oranda is still fine, but now lonely. I've had him a few months now but I'm afraid to get him another companion until I know why my new fish keep dying.

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I have a telescope eye that has done the same thing, however, he made it through. He would float at the top very still, or he went through stages of being vertical with his tail on the bottom. Also wouldn't eat. I didn't change anything about the tank and he made it! Maybe he is just a trooper. =)

But his eyes are very cloudy. This happened when I first got him.. I changed the carbon in the tank and it cleared.. But it is back, I've tried the carbon changing again, but it didnt work. He functions fine now, swimming, sifting through gravel etc. One of his eyes is swollen, and ore cloudy than the other, and Im not sure why..

Another weird thing about this fish was that he was all black when I got him 2 years ago for Christmas, then he changed to orange, then had some black patches.. Those patches went away and now he has different black patches.. Has anyone encountered this??

He is just a 5 dollar walmart fish my mom got for me, so I am surprised that he has made it through so much!

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