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Ttarr2008July 3, 2013

i have a male betta named ruby and have him in a ten gallon glass aquarium that is cleaned every other week and has an air pump filter that is very small so as not disrupt the water too much. i also have a heater which my mother gave me this past winter because she currently does not have fish in her tank right now. i have a brown stump looking wood thing with plants and holes for hiding two other plants one plastic and one silk i also have thermometer and hanging on the inside of the tank and a hood with working light and everything that i leave on at night and turn off during the day. i feed him a few pellets everyday and also use water conditioner when i clean the tank plus change the filter every other week when i clean it. i do have gravel in my tank for the decor also have a spongebob's house pinapple that he can get into as well. i do not currently have the heater in the tank as it is summer and i do not need it. i have test strips that i use when i clean the tank to make sure that the water hasn't become toxic. i have found out that every other week seems to work okay. my mystery snail died after about a year of being with me transported him on the grey hound bus back and forth from pa to nm and back about 3 times. he did really well it didn't bother him none. got in my own place and didn't have proper running water yet so it was even more difficult to clean the tank than ever and i got lazy. he died cus of that/ my betta had died and my grandmother bought me another one for my birthday it has survived even the move across town and is doing well. since ruby was with the snail for a few months and when he died i wondered if he is lonely and if i should leave him alone or maybe put 3 cory cats in the tank with him or something. he got along fine with the snail. also considering the info on how i am taking care of him and the size of his tank i was wondering if im doing a good job of taking care of him, i want to make sure i am doing everything right so he will have a long and happy life i have had him for almost a year now. oh and should i keep the heater in it all year long when the tank reaches the right temp it shuts off by its self it is made for a ten gallon tank.

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