What killed my beta?

Joanne6July 30, 2005

HeÂd gotten a lot browner in recent weeks. Then suddenly he lost all color (shedding scales), stopped eating, and was extremely weak (mostly lay sideways on the bottom all day). No blotches, spots, or unusual eyes that I could see. I added ich treatment and antibiotic powder, and also aquarium salt. Also made daily partial water changes for a week. At first I thought he was getting better, but now I think he was just stirring when the water stirred and trying to come up for air.

IÂd like to know what he died of so I can prevent it happening to another fish. Also, how can I "sterilize" his bowl and stuff from whatever killed him?

BTW, I gave him one pellet of Beta Gold 6 days a week; fasted on the 7th, per instructions from the aquarium store where I got him. He never seemed interested in other foods I offered. Was this best for him?

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Probably because he was not getting enough food.
If you read the package on that food they suggest feeding 1 -3 pellets two to three times a day, and possibly more pellets depending on the size of the betta.
My Betta Bites can says 6-8 pellets twice a day.

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woeisme(z7b NC)

Dosen't sound like starvation. Potrudeing scales and loss of color. Dropsy may have hollow belly (like starvation/emaciattion/sp?) but is due to poor water conditions usually. As far as feeding, try a pellet at a time until he uninterested. Once you gauge what he eats give him that. Try to have minimum uneaten food at the bottom. To sterilize boil it if possible. Or bleach and water solution, after the solution rinseuntil yoiu think its all off, then do it one more time. If using "city" tap water use a good decholrinator like "Prime" by seachem. What size is the bowl? A small tank (2.5 gal +)with filtration is alot better if possible.

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If you read her post there is no mention of protruding scales. The fish slowly starved. Do you know how small 1 pellet of Betta Gold is?

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He wasn't starved. He was fine for 2 years, and at feeding times he lingered to "chat" with me rather than diving immediately for the food. I followed the instructions given to me at the *aquarium* (not chain) store where I bought him; I assumed the instructions on the Betta Gold box are just to get you to use more food faster (much like "lather, rinse, repeat"). But more isn't better. His back never arched as in starvation, not even in death, though he did look a lot thinner because he hadn't eaten in almost two weeks by the time he actually died.

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I don't think the betta starved to death, I feed my betta every other day and he is quite healthy. Also I have discovered a great website that tells all about bettas. I quote, "It is a good idea to not feed your betta one day a week. Let his digestive system rest, let him clean himself out a bit. " That being said i don't think he starved to death. But he could have been feed a little more. It could have been old age... How long did you have your betta? Also to steralize the bowl I usually let it soak in hot soapy water then rinse for a LONG time. Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: feeding your betta-good site too

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woeisme(z7b NC)

19 parts water to 1 part bleach will sterilize. Deffinately sounds like dropsy pr a bacterial infection. From what I have read and heard 2-4 years max on bowl kept bettas is normal. Up to and past 7 years for filtered tank kept. Unfortunately dropsy comes on quick if water quality has deteriorated. Sometimes it just happens. Protrudeing scales sometimes appear as they are missing.You are correct about feeding. The directions on a can are just suggested. Every fish is different as is with any living thing.

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Minaku(z6 Pittsburgh)

To me, it sounds like old age. Petstore bettas have an average lifespan of 2 years, and they're already almost 6 months by the time they get to the store. Breeder bettas have an even shorter lifespan.

For a betta to live beyond 3 or 4 years is very, very rare. I would expect most bettas to expire within a 3 year period.

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woeisme(z7b NC)

I was just going through fish disease and list of symptoms. Velvet or Rust disease (parasite like Ich) is described as brownish coloring. I had a betta for +/- 7 years. This was about 15+ years ago. I got it from a fish store and was kept with other fish (includeing tiger barbs,Hey I was just a kid and didn't know any better)Back then they were kept in 10 gal tanks at the fish store with other fish. I think they were imported and not breed, also very expensive for 70-80's about $10 I think. I had a second one in that time frame that lived 4-5yrs.

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Thanks, everyone, for all the great tips! If I decide to get another fish I'll probably give the filtered tank a shot, since it seems that he would be less likely to suffer complications there.

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Minaku(z6 Pittsburgh)

I didn't notice MoreGirl's post in this thread until too late.

Do not listen to what she says about sterilizing the bowl with soap and water.

NEVER USE SOAP TO CLEAN FISHTANKS. The residue will stay and it is toxic to fish.

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my beta died and i dont know why. He still had color not really bright but not dark in-between. When i first got him he ate all the time not too much but what the packet said and now when he was starting to die he ate nothing really. His eyes were white-ish color but not too big like popeye pics. He hard;y ever moved and I hope u can get back to me asap thanks

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Im not sure i think you didnt feed it enough you only gave it 1 piece of food a day!!! I give my like 5or 6 or maybe a little more because it sum times sinks b4 they get to eat it...but im not sure what really killed your fish can you tell me what is wrong with mine?? he is turning red around his face and his right eye has a big white ring around it and its also around the left but not as bad also his lips are kinda puffy well soo r his eyes. I think it might be ich but im not sure every time i clean his bowl he zooms around the bowl but now he takes a breathe and floats to the bottom he wont even eat i hope he doesnt die ive been putting bacterial drops in but its not better yet please if you have ne info please help i dont want him to die

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My Beta were all fine and then one of my female beta's (I have three, red, blue, and a white one) the red one started to bury its self into the rocks I had, they were the size of a nickle to a quarter size. She scraped her skin and scales were healthy looking before then after she got done they were damaged. Then I separted her from the rest of the tank where she could recooperate in peace, then 20 minutes later, she died.

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