AV filling in and blooming time lapse

frank325November 10, 2008

Here is the parent plant of my babies that I took a lot of leaf cuttings from. Here is a short time lapse of it filling back in and blooming. Still has some blooms to go. The first picture is from Aug. 25 and the last one is from Nov. 10. It's choppy as I wasn't completely consistent on where I took the picture, and I didn't take one everyday. I'm more consistent with the baby I'm photographing everyday now, but there is quite some time before that's finished!

Click here to watch!

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Nice job! Isn't just amazing what these plants will do?!?

To beat Fred Hill to the punch, don't be afraid to remove the 5 larger outer leaves. The plant appears to be pretty symmetrical except for those older leaves. Or you can wait until you repot next time.

Thanks for sharing the photos.


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Very nice. It just goes by too fast to realy enjoy each picture. I like the one with your babies better.

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Barbara -- you're reading my mind :) I thought of doing that the other day.

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frank, i want to know what you do to make a plant grow that well, that fast, 2.5 months. i sure need the help. thanks molly

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I love the time lapse. The violet is very pretty. Which one is it?

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I'm sure my plant light helped. I got that a few weeks into those pictures. It gets 12 hours of light per day. And I use liquid AV fertilizer in my water when I water it. That's about it really... it's my first one so I don't know if it grew fast or not - I have nothing to compare it to.

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plantlady -- I have no idea, it's your typical Wal-Mart african violet I guess :-P

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Have a few of those myself! ;-D

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Almost all of mine are NOIDs from Lowe's. :)

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I Love it! I tried following directions you gave at one point on rooting babies,(rooting in water) my leaf died. Got to find some vermiculite and time to sit down and trim and hopefully get roots from some leaves in the peat, vermiculite, and perilite mix that was recommended. I love the clips of both momma and babies. :)

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Hmm, well, the ones I rooted in water are the only ones that made it. I supposed different varieties might root better one way compared to another? I'm not sure.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Frank - that's true. Some varieties are easy - and in spring everything roots and grows easier. A friend of mine got a special heating mat to put under the tray - and it helps too.

So far - the most capricious varieties root for me in vermiculite in a baggie. Less chances for rotting. Easy varieties - just in a regular 1:1:1 soil on a tray under the dome. The air should be humid and the soil - barely humid, the dome keeps it this way. Ths way I lost 1 out of 20 I put down after beginning of October sale in a club.

And some varieties - variegated - keel over no matter what. I have one i really love to have - and it just does it to me every time.


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