too many guppy fry!!!

phoenix28(MI)July 29, 2006

I had some guppies and platies a while ago, but ended up with a male platy and two female guppies....but one (or both i guess) were holding back pregnecy so i had fry way after the male died. Now i have at least 40+ fry along with the the adults in a 29 gal. tank. What should i do! I was going to cull most of them by feeding them to by brothers frog, but it died of old age (should have seen it comming, it lived a few years past normal) so now i have a bunch of fry with nothing to do with them. I dont know any1 who would want them, so if some one could give me some advice it would help a lot, THANX!!!

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Call around to pet shops and ask if they'd take them, or at least some of them. Failing that, there's Aquabid, which is like eBay, but for fish tanks. If you offer them for the price of shipping, someone's got to want them.

As to how your female got pregnant, they can store sperm for a long time and can have many litters from one spawning.

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i knew they could hold sperm but i get jumbled up trying to put my thoughts on the the computer...

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If the fry are in the same tank with the adult fish, I'm surprised they already haven't been gobbled up. Maybe your adults are too well fed? Let them go hungry for a couple days and see if they don't start looking at the fry as fish food. :-)

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Guppies will lose interest in eating their fry after the first few litters, for some reason. Probably a survival instinct.

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Let em stay there.. see what happens.

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I took out some of the males and fed the rest to a HUGE! gold fish my brother has. I cut down on feeding and i cut the fry by half. Now i have a bunch of young fish, but barely any fry.

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