My Betta is loosing color and floating to the top

zeldaecklebergJuly 20, 2008

I recently treated my Betta for fin rot using Maracyn 2. He seemed to recover excellently. Then I started noticng white stringy stuff floating in his water. I figured this was a secondary fungal infection so I started today treating him with Fungus Clear. It has been three weeks between the two medicines and he got a 100% water change after the Maracyn 2 and has had regular 25% water changes since.

Today after his first dose of fungus clear he seems to be getting worse very rapidly. His color is fading, his eyes seem tired, he is losing color, and I got up tonight to get some water and he was in a corner at the top of his tank and looked bloated.

His water parameters are fine. He seemed fine before the medicine except for the white floaty stuff (which I noticed was on his body a tiny bit). I seriously doubt he will make it to morning he looks so bad after just this one dose.

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Is he still alive? What size tank/bowl is he in, and is there a filter, a light, a heater or a bubblestone?

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