Blue Neon rainbow fish with strange thing

sherryazure(6)July 3, 2007

under it's belly. This was part of a group of 4 which all came from store where they and others were sick with who knows what (now go to China town area where fish are much healthier, steralized water so on). No more buying from stores with dead and sick fish.

These four survived, but noticed now one not swimming with the group, which they do - stick like glue to each other. He was hanging under some plants. Next day with better light, I noticed he had this tubular bulge. They are very flat flat fish, so hard to describe. Not a regular roundish bulge but more like a column due to their particular shape. This is right over his elimination area, which is closer to his front end.

But what grabbed my attention was this reddish area I think near his elimination area (uh hmmm, to be polite)

I quarantined him (thank good they are not that shy and he is fine with a little mirror to keep him 'company'. I treated with parasite meds. I have no idea what it is, as it is not just one string or thread, but seems like a cluster. I feel it is something internal and he may not make it, not eating like the others, kind of goes for food then stops.

Question: Can feeding squashed snails cause bacteria/parasite problems. These snails are extremely small, about 1/4 (really much smaller) flattish reddish snails that are in my prefiltration set up. They are many generational, and I feed them to my fish on occasions. Could they have bugs if they are multi generational?

So not sure what it is, how to treat? Tried to look tonight with little flash light and hard to see he is so small. But area seems inflamed with stuff coming out of poo area although it may be his little frontal fins - just hard to see clearly, but others do not have this. Thanks for any thoughts. Sherry

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woeisme(z7b NC)

Sounds like parasites to me. Elimination area...too funny.

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lol, I didn't wish to be to gross... Well, I put him down, now would like to identify what was in him. I will post here and also start a new thred with new header.

I put fish down fast with a whack, small ones my palm of hand larger a flat rock. I took him out and put in wet paper towel so on.

Fortunately, he was not so smashed that I couln't do a quick analysis. The buldge was gone along with his small intestines onto the napkin. At first I thought it was his pectoral fins which are red but they were intact. Then the 'mass' wiggled.

It explains why I saw the e area (ok a) enlarged. This was quite a mass, about 10 or more worms. They were red but I realize now that could have been my poor guys blood. I put him down as he would not eat although he was alert so on and I felt bad about that. I even spot treated on that spot to no avail.

Imagine planera worms but red. Of course these are not planera but that's the best description. They were in a ball mass type of situation rather then suckered onto him like lenara(sp) would be. Any ideas, as I am concerned about the tank he came from. I am thinking of feeding food soaked in clout as this worked prior with gourami who had internal parasites. Thanks for any thoughts. Best Sherry

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