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kimberlysc(z7 SC)July 8, 2008

Good Morning,

I have a small 10 gallon tank that has been set up for years. I've basically just let it go and I had one fish remaining. I can't remember the last time I put aquarium salt in the tank. I know some fish like it but am wondering with the fish I have should I add a little salt.

I have two platys, two small sunset gouramis, one guppy, and one tetra. The tank looks good, nice and clear but I have the hardest time around here finding aquarium plants.

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No true fresh water fish needs salt. As long as you keep your tank clean and your fish seem to be doing fine, leave off the salt. A tiny pinch wouldn't harm the Plays or the Gup, but would NOT be appreciated by the Gouramis or the Tetra.

One of the greatest problems with too many aquarium owners, is not understanding that not all fish have the same water parameter needs and mixing them can lead to unhappy, if not dead fish.

The Platys and the Gup prefer harder water and a higher Ph than the Gouramis and the Tetra, but that can also depend on which species of Tetra you have.

Generally, it's best to set up tanks by region, for instance, an Amazon tank, with soft, slightly acidic water would be ideal for small Amazon tetras such as Neons, but the best water for them, would not be good for Gups.

If you want to get live plants that will do well in a 10, try an Anubas Petite and a few Crypts. They don't need a lot of bright light and won't overgrow your tank. If you can't find them locally, check out aquarium plant sellers online.

Good luck.

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