please help me i.d. this violet

marricgardensNovember 22, 2007

I was never into growing violets, my mother was. I loved what she had but somehow never started growing them. When she passed away, I was given one of the baskets from her funeral. In it was a beautiful violet and I vowed then to start growing them. I have to apologize in advance because I don't have a picture of the plant. I have never seen a violet with creamy white foliage splashed with dark green and pink. I believe the flowers were also pink. I know this is a long shot, but any ideas of what it is? Thanks. Marg

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Are the flowers clustered, single or semi-double and of a pansy shape? It is hard to tell with the information you have given but if the stems have a group of flowers kind of clustered together like a group it could be a Optimara Tradition. This plant has the foliage you are describing.

Hope this may help you. If you could give more of a description of the flowers it would be helpful.


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Hi Marric,
There are over 15,000 violets in the Master Variety list and First Class 2. It is virtually impossible to name the plant for sure. My suggestion is to just enjoy the plant and not worry about the name. If you don't plan to enter it into a show it really doesn't need a name. If you need a name for it make one up and call it "Mom's Favorite or Mom's Legacy".
Fred in NJ

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davioletman: I think you may be right. The description of the Optimar Tradition fits. The flowers are semi double pink and the stems are in a 'cluster'. Thanks for the help.
Fred hill: I do plan to enjoy this violet. Now I think it has two names. I wasn't interested in showing it but I just like to know the names. Now the search is on for more varieties. Thanks. Marg

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